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wewe´s blog

Lite olika saker jag väljer och ta upp och allmänt om mig själv. Bloggen skrivs på engelska.

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Inlägg i wewe´s blog

Have you sometimes had a really bad day?Well these are one of mine XDEVERYTHING IS SO MESSED UP!Feels like evrything around me is happening and im just left out and everything that im supposed to do is going in the wrong direction...What the hell!!!!XOXO ...

Yeah i know im such a bad updater! BAD MICKIS! *slaps her own hand*There now we all can feel at ease right? hehe.Well nothing much have happened, i have snapped a couple of times for several reasons i dont have to bring up here.and I have watched ...

.Bingo party tonight.
Tonight my best friend R is going to have a party at her and her mans place so im going there now any minute.I hope all my readers have a awesome evening! :DMaby I will put up some piccus i wont promise anything though hehe.XOXO Mickis!

.Tired today.
Gaah Im so sick and tired...Well recently im stated to feel the urge to puke XDAnd im tired all the time... Well I guess I just have to rest and hope it will get better.Post later.XOXO Mickis!

.Colored my hair today!.
Hello everyone! Today i have colored my hair, thought my webcam sucks you can see that om not blond anymore haha. Im going to try to take one tomorrow with my mobile. Here is the piccu: I colored it dark blonde so it nearly goes brown. But anyways om ...

.Gemini lost.
Well today I finished another game. It was really easy and can easly be finished in 1 day. But with that I got it realyl late and i had to go to bed made it that i finished it today.The ggame is called Gemini lost and is a type of strategy game.Cute ...

.Tired sunday.
Hello all!Today it is sunday and I am SO TIRED!So it is just gonna be some quick posting and a piccu of how ridiculus tired I look haha. Well here it is and I wish all my cutie readers a wonderful sunday!

.E´s and mine little adventure.

.I just had to.
This song is totally awesome!It is on my head and perfect for an saturday dont ya think?When you hear this type of music you just wanna dace!

.Did you know?.
Did you know that there is a website having a vote on to ban kanye wests music?So if you wanna vote here is the link.

.Geek evening =3.
Hello all!Today im sitting with my Neighbour and her two little sisters playing on the xbox360.It is so much fun! :DI told you guys that geeks rules ;)Well we can be normal at times but, we dont like ti very much haha.Who wants to be normal anyways?Well ...


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