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Leading negative character roles in tamil mega serials was done by actress Bhuvaneswari, you people all know this thing, this kind of roles in serials got name and fame for her media play, slowly she started acting in many MALLU AND MASALA FILMS, don't know why such a leading serial actress gone as a B_GRADE MASALA ACTRESS in many films, recently this masala actress got arrested under prostitute case by police, which makes more bad about her in the media circle, more over some other news are in the way about this illegal act also many FILM ACTRESS also involved in this kind of issues, so these kind of lower girls will get arrest under such prostitute case, but the names of remaining actress who involved in such cheap act were not evolved still.

Yes, Dhoni already accepted the fact that our cricket team is lack of all rounders, Australia, England, Pakistan, South Africa have many all rounders many good bats men's bowling well, similarly many good bowlers batting well when they got chance, they are proving them selves easily when they got chance both with bat and ball.More over SWEETYCHOCOS telling the facts for lack of palyers right from Azharudin's captaincy we are lag of all rounders in team, one thing all rounders can't be picked from domestic or Ranji trophy team. All rounders should make their way through their performance after getting a chance in the team, so respected Indian cricket team we too have so many all rounder's but they are not getting chance to prove them selves,Irfan pathan a greatest all rounder who got fame after the world biggest all rounder and captain of SA Shaun pollock, whether he got enough place to prove his all rounder talents, where is he?Yuvaraj singh is a all rounder.Virat Kohli is a all rounder, whether he got chance to bowl?Harbhajan singh is enable to prove his talents in bat, did he getting enough chances to bat to get runs?Zaheer Khan has enough talents to prove in bat to score 30 to 40 runs, did he getting right time to prove his batting skills?Abishek nayar is also a all rounder did he got any chance to play matches, when greatest players are out of form?Manish Pandey he is a excellent batsmen, did he got any chance in our team to prove his batting skill?Many more young batsmen and bowlers waiting outside of Indian team, but they are still invisible, why?Already the team is inconsistent with regular players, every time there is a rational change in Indian players, then why can't you change the team once with good form players instead of out of form players especially Ishant sharma and many like RP Singh, Yousuf Pathan and many so, pick the best for best efforts through game mode.

Let SWEETYCHOCOS will tell a difference between foreigner and a Indian, in foreign the action only speaks even they did a thing they won't speak but in India rumours only speak, even there is nothing even though they make nothing as a big thing finally they will keep a nose, tongue, ear and eye for such things and makes as a rumour.Even in school and collage, they relate a guy with a girl actually the guy won't even speak a single word with that girl, of course his class mate, just they saw once in one month at class room premises that too accidentally but the surrounding peoples will tell this guy has some soft corner with that girl in this class and something somethings is going on between these too.This only SWEETYCHOCOS don't like, with out even a matter they will build up things, even that guy had no feel towards her, after such a rumour he itself will fall with some feel towards her those peoples who matches him with a classmate girl,without his knowledge.The same things now going on Tamil film industry, of course Kollywood, any one who acted as a pair in new films more over if they are unmarried means that's all, the walls of the film industry itself will make such rumours. what a cheap thing this is?These are certain rumours:Srikanth and Sneha acted together in two consecutive films finally they got matched through rumours alone.then Silambarasan and nayanthara through the film vishal acted with actress nayanthara in film sathayam rumours spread that these fellows are in love, again vishal did his new movie with actress shreya again same kind of rumours between shreya and vishal.Now Simbu paired up with trisha in Director Gowtham Vasudevan's movie even before the release of film again there is a rumour between Silambaran and trisha. So what ever the field it may be have to avoid such junk rumours to have better competition and growth, thank you , this what SWEETYCHOCOS like even in the BLOG WORLD, SWEETYCHOCOS is always free from rumours since it won't talk about other blog mates, providing the things to the welfare of the visitors that's SWEETYCHOCOS aim towards success.

All know about Kamal Hasan, he is the other name of CINEMA, but always Tamil films and Tamil actors can't getting much preference for OSCAR, if one is getting a OSCAR for pure tamil film means undoubtedly it might be KAMAL HASAN, all you know much about him so SWEETYCHOCOS have to say some thing newer than same old pickle.Yes of course it's about UNNAI POL ORUVAN film by KAMAL HASAN recently, what you noticed in this film where kamal as hero and concept behind the story here.No heroine,No heroism such as animated fake fights,mainly hero's punch dialogue,no duet or introduction song for hero,the main thing hero using same costume from beginning of the film to last scene of the film,no vulgarity or sex abuse,no sentiments,no masala scenes,no specialist comedy track,no flashback or no specialist villain roleDid you ever seen such a Tamil film ever?Common please tell, you can observe such a film which is none other than KAMAL HASAN'S UNNAI POL ORUVAN film where accurate details of present mode of fields in this society from journalism to terrorism is clearly explained with keen concepts in a technical form through professional words, who is behind this for a new try in tamil film?that's Kamalhasan.

Friends here a great applause for SWEETYCHOCOS, funny know SWEETYCHOCOS applaused for himself, the reason is SWEETYCHOCOS crossed 200 posts in this 2009, in this year alone 200 posts, with loyal thoughts, true words, welfare for others, free from fake information and illeal contents, these are the elixir things that SWEETYCHOCOS following in this blog and providing the things with GOD' grace more over getting a good support from friends from all parts of the world, once again have to thank all the people who continously tasting this SWEETYCHOCOS and many people more than tasting they dropping their taste here in this blog as ECSTASY through valuable comments, fans support and more, SWEETYCHOCOS always will keep these things in mind to put much better process with GOD's grace too, once again special thanks to GOD.

Even the world has transformed and transmitted with advanced multimedia features, the one thing which we can never avoid, what ever it may be either for personal issue or for professional issue, it has been largely used. Though there may be thousand of telecommunication instruments such as telephones and many in your home, the one elixir thing that you can't avoid in your home is mailbox. Right from the ancient period to modern period that this has been a practice of using mailbox in the home, more over this is the ever green method of communication one with another by posting the mails, ultimate delivery zone for the one in accordance to address is mailbox. If one avoid mailbox they itself know how much of issues they have to face by running back on the undelivered mails. So it turns as a elixir one for their home for the best of communication what ever the period may be, as a solution here you can get the best mailbox ofcourse it's ecco mailbox.Where ever you may be either in a single independent house or in single multiple building or in apartments what ever the type of building it might be, for all range of buildings you have wide ranges of ecco mailboxes in various categories such as commercial mailbox, wallmount mailbox, single unit mailboxes and post packages and many at a lowest price that you ever heard. For your personal use there you hold locking mailboxes also for a better and ensure use to save your mails. So various designs of mail boxes available for you as per your choice and styles, ecco wall mount mailbox is a grand one with fantastic design through stainless steel.This team hold a good customer values, they giving the equal importance to the customer's and promoting all the customer values through the best of product design and service. They have a well motivated expertize team with their side to bring up the customer values by putting their best of design over the products in a quality manner. They promoting the mode of business through customer response and respect, you can order anytime through online more over you can call to this 800.448.2870 for further process in a simple manner.

Me(SWEETYCHOCOS) the famous WWB, yeah how much time I will stress this it's World Wide Blog yar, again here receiving a award from Mel, Mel is a famous blogger and excel writer and her blog is got many names and fames through the following name:PLACES, PEOPLE, EVENTS, GOOD FOOD AND MY LIFE and now she awarded some things for sweetychocos, thanks friend and here by I placing your award which you gave for this SWEETYCHOCOS blogI know people will drop their ecstasy after tasting such a sweety chocos, thus this is also a great form of showing their ecstasy, yes mel dropped their ecstasy after tasting the sweetychocos, thanks for award soon you will receive some awards from sweetychocos.For your refrence and verification, check sweetychocos awards from this url kindly:

Do you got bored of using the cable in your television? with limited of channels, specified amount of packages, frequent connection loss, less reliability, no special offers, chuck out all these things. Yes you got a right solution to overcome all those issues that mentioned above which has been brought to you by DirectTV which is the satellite TV with Dish network enhancing more than one hundred and thirty plus channels for all peoples at you home, more over continuous tracking of connection all round the time with more efficiency and reliability that you ever seen.This kind of valuable Directv is at your side right now, installation and access is very simple process also more number of packages and enormous channels in mode of different packages are available with them. Also this Satellite Directv is now in your own place, where ever you are from, Since Direct TV is regardless of specific are unlike cables, especially for you to make you entertaining and valuable source of your time. Directv operates in the vision of customer satisfaction, since they have a service team to serve you all round the time with all sorts of your Directv queries and connection related answers in a simple manner via e-mail or you can just dial to the following toll free number to acquire and accomplish Directv with special offers for this phone order 800-378-9318.

I need my pen drive for some of the print out works, I had kept my resume on that pen drive only, but I don't know where I kept the pen drive, I was searching in the usual place I can't able to get it until now, in the mean while I sharing this to express my feel, I can't ask you peoples to search for my pen drive since I kept some where in my room alone so this is my mistake and response for me to search it soon for to get resume print out, see in this span of time also I kidding here through my post with you all.

Yesterday so many romours dated on 19-09-2009, that BSNL JTO 2008 results were fired. But while visiting BSNL site there is no such news, even fromt eh main centre there are no such information, I called and asked they also said the same but I don't know why some spammers and cheating feloows playing in such process, these are sensitive matters, please you don't play in such process or don't cheat like what you will do with some online products and edvertisement, because of some low graded peoples with cheap thoughts like these, the good peoples also getting bad names in this world, now this custom spreaded in internet also, please avoid spamming and cheating the innocent peoples and their expectations. If you want to cheat or play go and cheat the real cheaters and go play with the mountains, that will give some better names for you, avoid this kind of cheap acts even in online.

What you came to understood from the title I mentioned above? Most of them thinking that me going to provide necessary tips for google page rank and alexa traffic for your blogs and sites. Yes I know, but the thing I going to provide here through this particular post is not a matter like that.Why thinking the same concepts how to increase the google page rank and increase the traffic rating? Blogging is a passion of delivering the things in a good manner for our freinds and for the visitors. You have to give some valuable ideas to others and have to help through this blogs and blogging mode, since it is like a media which can reach any people in any part of the world easily through developing media called Internet and wire less communications. So do the blog for others, write the things of you, develop the concepts on your own, then see you will find your blog or websites in a unique style which gains more names and fames from others.


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