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miss anjelina

housewife on the rocks-daily love and life

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vodka style remix
vodka (life)style remix&patience is asked for- I have sick children with contagious FluDisease at home ( not swineflu though-->not yet?)and plenty of domestic trouble this week anyway--> I do love sharing, so anyone who is interested in all types of daily life-crisis, please send me an e-mail:-).. I DO want to share problems with you:D music must be great lifeSaver- it makes me always happy/ no life without Youtube?

Inside Fokker50 Air Baltic
Inside Fokker50 Air BalticOriginally uploaded by miss anjelinathis is inside of a Air Baltic Fokker when I flew home from helsinki to gothenburg & made a stopover in Riga in August-am I gonna fly with air Baltic again? Yes:D xoxo

my pink cellphone
I am testing Huawei u1250 (pink one of course:) after I finally survived the 2 weeks of flu- it has great mp3Player even compared to sony walkman, internet is working just great- only disadvantage is the camera with only 2 megapixel...I even test the swedish  Halebob as mobile Operator same time- they have totally acceptable mobilePortal& okeyPricelist called Halebob Vänner( halebob friends)...since I change cellphone&phoneNumber about as often  other people change their socks I do naturally have plans to even buy Huawei s first Android Mobile later on/ in Sweden will eventually Telia sell them( and h boy- I am excited &waiting:D)- it could be a nice x-mas present from me to me:-P I have some trouble with pics and connections today:-( for example I can t read neither hotmail nor yahooMail?? ( que pasa hombre?) so I link to the pics first one: the pink toyphone lookalike  Huawei u1250 .. second: interesting reading about Huawei U8230   xoxoPosted via web from elina missanjelina mini

sarah jessica parker s hair/back to the 80ies? & fleamarket here I come:-/
I am packing and organizing all the fleamarket items since we decided to sell some things in kommersen/fleamarket (gothenburg)saturday/this week- panic-- only two days left- panic because I really suck as salesPerson:-P onlineReading today: swedish Glamour, german Glamour and spanish Elle all three talk about Sarah Jessica Parker&SATC 2 xoxo xoxoanjelinadaily loveTurbo TaggerTurbo Tagger Feed Shark

eastern europe on the rocks
I am in sweden again/thank you Air Baltic for taking me home

modetrend-klassiker/ I love my cardigan <3
I spend saturday-evening with laptop&internet-I don t seem to have any old friend to go out&party with and I am way too comfortable to find a new friend to do a eventual pub/nightclub- excursion with tonight:-P reading now about the foreverFavorite cardigan in german glamour...see even the starGallery:-) .....and I am still too bloody lazyyyyy to even try to write a blogpost in german:-/ but in every case/every day I wear a cardigan and survive weightRelated -goNutsSituations, badHairdays and any other casual crisis my daily life seems to be full of:-) goodnightKisses xoxoanjelinadaily loveTurbo TaggerTurbo Tagger Feed Shark

bumpy ride in a tupolev
I am leaving finland soon and I will fly to sweden with air baltic -I am gonna make a stopover in riga..unfortunately I don t have time to leave the riga international airport between my flights:-( I don t know what I am expecting at this stage of visiting the riga airport since it was really long ago I traveled in eastern europe ( what a shame actually)but I suppose the sovjet/old style pepsi-bottles with russian alphaBet/text, bumpy aeroflotFlights in tiny tupolev to leningrad& all that stuff is gone:-)anyhow air baltic seems to have nice price flights to quite many destinations& easy-to-use online service, so I don t complain:-) goodMorningKisses ( picture from red-octoberNet ) xoxoanjelinadaily loveTurbo TaggerTurbo Tagger Feed Shark

I am good morning-blogging: to write something in german or spanish seems as impossible project even today-I am planning to multitask the languapheTraining in my blogs..or is it plainly just called megalomania:-P ??( aber es kommt, oder.....en español: mañana:-)).. wednesdayXOXO XOXO:s to everyone.. I am gonna take a morningWalk in the fancy weather soon:-)linking today/ the big question: lindsay or marilyn monroe- in german glamour: anjelinadaily loveTurbo TaggerTurbo Tagger Feed Shark

good night from me and the african simpsons
just testing posterous:-) xoxoPosted via email from elina missanjelina mini

visiting the queen of saturated fat&sugar
I am exhausted and happy survivor of the CaloryTerrorism at my Grandma s place.. she as many elderly people loves to serve dish after dish& she is definately not stingy user of butter&sugar or cream:-P so I have been eating cakes, cookies, pies, dinner, cake, cookies, raasberryCake with whipped cream, cakes, cookies pie( and would you like to have some Ice Cream honey?)..............................all this in a moving assembly line...I maybe will take a flight back to sweden later on this week- it might be necessary&wise to reserve two seats?:D xoxo (pic from: everheardofit/wordpress )anjelinadaily loveTurbo TaggerTurbo Tagger Feed Shark

fat supermarket-whore XD
I was outdoors this morning&weather was so sunny:-) there was a market hold with variable kind of food&snacks here nearby..then mom and me went to supermarket and bought some more food; selection of eatable items is amazing&überHuge in finland- I have got serious complications when trying to decide what to buy..everything looks just nice and I haven t even mentioned all the finnish delicacies yet( home sweet home:D) the very conclusion is: I am not gonna loose any weight during my stay here- bye bye diet:-( maybe we will meet in sweden/at home again someday....xoxoanjelinadaily loveTurbo TaggerTurbo Tagger Feed Shark


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